Meet the Flockers!

For those of you who have visited the New Forest, you couldn’t help but appreciate what an animal-lovers’ paradise it is, with our New Forest ponies, donkeys, cattle and even pigs at a certain time of year roaming free across the breadth of the beautiful National Park. We’ve yet to add Valais Blacknose sheep to the mix……….watch this space……!!

Our sheep enjoy lush pastures on the edge of the forest and are the first Valais Blacknose sheep in the New Forest making them quite a local attraction in their own right!  Indeed, they were even featured on TV! Here’s a small selection of some of the  ewes, rams and lambs from our flock of around 70 Valais Blacknose sheep.  

Valais Blacknose Lambs

Here are some of our award-winning Valais Blacknose lambs that we’ve kept back as they have fantastic markings and temperament – and of course they are as cute as you’d imagine!  They have taken to lead training really well and were hugely successful in their first competition shows last Summer! You can read all about these in our New Forest Valais Blacknose Blog.

Meet Winnie - born 13th Feb

Winnie is cute-as-a-button and a real Valais Blacknose beauty.  Winnie took to showing as a natural, starting at the New Forest Show in July, where she and Remus made the local papers! At her other shows, Ellingham Show and Romsey Show, Winnie won a string of 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes, including Reserve Champion at Romsey Show.  Read more about our lambs' show success in our Valais Blacknose Blog.

Meet Remus - born 29th Feb

Remus is the most chilled out, friendly little lamb.  He had his first experience at a show at the Royal Cornwall Show where he was a real people pleaser in the Valais Blacknose pen! Remus went on to win a string of 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes at Ellingham and Romsey shows last Summer.  Read more about our lambs' show success in our Valais Blacknose Blog.

Valais Blacknose Rams

We have a number of Rams, some original imports from Switzerland, others we have bred ourselves -  to give us a diverse genepool to breed from. Valais Blacknose Rams have spectacular horns, even more elaborate than the Ewes' horns, with an extra twist.  Meet a couple of our Rams:

Meet Eureka - born 8th April 

Born in April 2017, Eureka is a huge, proven Valais Blacknose Ram, with the rarest Type 1 genotype (ARR/ARR), yet with 100% Swiss pedigree making him incredibly special!  Almost all other ARR/ARR rams in the UK have non Swiss pedigrees whereas he has maintained the Swiss heritage whilst achieving the rarest genotype.  As well as being an important part of our Type 1 breed up programme, we also sell his semen which has been shipped to the other side of the world!  Contact us if you're interested in purchasing semen from Eureka.

Meet Braveheart - born 28th April 


Braveheart has fantastic breeding, with both legendary Prendwick Eros and King Kong lines.  He is a gentle giant, yet very determined with his ladies!  He has thrown some absolutely cracking marked lambs over the years.  

Valais Blacknose Ewes

We have around 50 Valais Blacknose Ewes, a lot of which were some of the first original stock of Valais Blacknose sheep imported from Switzerland and are fantastic, experienced mothers.

Meet a few of our Ewes here!

Meet New Forest Edith - born 22nd April

Edith is one of our own-bred ewes who has won awards at a number of shows, including Reserve Champion in 2018.  She is a very gentle ewe who likes the company of us humans as much as she does her sheep friends.  Edith is due her first lamb in 2018.... 

Meet Marilyn - born 20th May 

Marilyn is one of our friendliest Valais Blacknose ewes, always the first to rush over to see what's going on.  She's recently been sheared in this photo so looks a bit bare but it allows you to see her markings clearly.    

Meet Lizzy - born 3rd April

Cheeky Lizzy loves her food, and her large horns can be useful in ensuring the others stay away from her side of the feeding trough! 

Meet Pearl - born 22nd May

Pearl is a beautiful Valais Blacknose sheep who has the most amazing horns, meaning you can always easily pick her out of the flock!  Like Marilyn, this picture was taken after being recently sheared - don't they look different like that?  She has a lovely temperament and is an experienced Mum, having had a few lambs over the years!  The oldest of our ewes, she behaves like the matriarch of the flock.  

Meet Gerty - born 11th March

Gerty is our smartest Valais Blacknose ewe - always the first to figure out how to get to the food or out of the shearing pen!