Buy Valais Blacknose Sheep

Buying your Valais Blacknose Sheep

If, like us and the select few Valais Blacknose owners in the UK, you’re keen to start your own flock, please give us a call to discuss your requirements. We have a waiting list for Valais Blacknose lambs available throughout the year.  Scroll down this page to see what stock we currently have available...

At New Forest Valais Blacknose we prefer to use natural reproduction of our Valais Blacknose sheep for domestic (UK) breeding, focusing our efforts on breeding the best quality animals and protecting the lovely characteristics of this rare breed here in the UK. Only in very exceptional circumstances would we ever use Embryo Transfer (ET) here in the UK, for instance if we wished to grow particularly important bloodlines.  99.9% of our lambs are born here in the UK via natural reproduction and we'll explain why we choose to do this here.  We produce award-winning, well-reared and friendly lambs that will make great pets to some lucky owners! 

As committee members of the Valais Blacknose Sheep Societies, all our stock is registered, Valais Blacknose pedigree sheep.  Our Valais Blacknose lambs winning awards at country shows against popular native breeds is testament to the quality of our stock.

We recommend to our customers when buying Valais Blacknose sheep to follow the same guidance as you would when buying a pedigree puppy; it’s always best to buy a puppy who's been raised with its mother and litter mates in a safe environment until it’s fully weaned.  Also to meet the puppy’s mother and if possible father as the best guide of what to expect from your puppy in terms of health, appearance and temperament. Since you’ll be paying the same for your Valais Blacknose sheep as you would for one of the more expensive dog breeds (prices start at £1,000 for a wether), it’s important you get it right!

Please contact us to discuss your requirement.

Exporting Valais Blacknose Sheep to North America, New Zealand and beyond!

We get many requests from wannabe Valais Blacknose owners in the USA, New Zealand and many other countries across the world.  It is the importing country that decides its own import laws, so make sure you understand what these are before enquiring about buying sheep/embryos.

North America:

Unfortunately there is no way of exporting livestock or embryos to the USA currently, only Type 1 semen can be exported - as of October 2017.  Although trade agreements between the two countries are under review and positive progress is being made, no one knows how long this is likely to take. 

In the meantime, we are excited to announce we have partnered with a wonderful farm in North America, Bramblecroft Farm in Massachusetts, whom we believe were the first Americans to own Valais Blacknose sheep!  Whilst they wait to be able to bring their flock to the USA, New Forest Valais Blacknose are agisting and breeding their foundation flock on their behalf here in the New Forest.

The first crossbred Valais Blacknose lambs were born in 2018 in America using semen imported from the UK, so do speak to us if you are interested in importing Valais Blacknose semen from us and starting your breeding up programme in the North America.  

New Zealand:

With the first Valais Blacknose lambs born in New Zealand in 2017, both embryos and semen can be exported to this market from the UK and we have exported many Grade 1 embryos and semen to New Zealand over the years.  Do speak to us if you're interested in starting your own flock of Valais Blacknose sheep in New Zealand! 


Unfortunately, unlike New Zealand, Australian laws are incredibly restrictive regarding embryo import and currently require the donor Ewe to be slaughtered to prove the absence of disease after embryos are flushed.  Quite aside from the moral aspects of this, the breed is too rare and valuable to justify undertaking this type of activity.

Other countries:

Please understand your local import laws to understand whether embryos &/or semen can be imported from the UK before making your enquiry.

Current Stock Available in the UK:

We lamb throughout the year and usually have stock available so do call us to discuss your requirement.  We also have a waiting list for our lambs so Contact us to reserve or buy your Valais Blacknose sheep.  Here is a selection of what we have available currently, we do lamb throughout the year so not everything is necessarily listed here - therefore do call to discuss your requirements:


We have a range of pure Valais Blacknose semen from a variety of quality Genotype 1, 2 & 3 Rams available for use in the UK, in EU and in New Zealand.  We have a surplus of certain lines in storage so we have doses of semen at 1/2 price at the moment! Call or email us to find out what's available.

We also have embryos available for sale throughout the year, including combinations of rarer genotypes. Please give us a call to discuss your requirements.


We lamb throughout the year and have waiting lists for our lambs, so do call us to discuss what you're after and we can let you know if we have anything currently available or how long it's likely to be to wait for what you're after....

Here is some of the stock we have available currently....

Nationwide delivery available.

Valais Blacknose Breeding Ewes who have been running with a Rare Type 1 Genotype Tup since March. Prices start from £4,500 per Ewe.

We have a few purebred registered Valais Blacknose Ewes available for sale, all of whom have been running with the rarest Type 1 genotype Tup since March so should be due lambs in August/September.  Due to current circumstances we are unable to scan the ewes so will provide 2x doses of Type 1 semen per ewe (worth £500) FOC should the ewes not have taken.

These are all experienced ewes, have lambed quality offspring, including singles and twins. Some of the ewes available are rare genotypes (Types 1 - 3 available) and their lambs will be rare genotypes thanks to the genotypes of the sire (and dam in some cases). Some of the ewes are award winning, including one who was awarded overall Longwool Reserve Champion (see pic below!).

All ewes come with registration certificates and all rare genotypes come with certificates proving their genotypes.

Rare opportunity - breeding age ewes of this breed rarely come onto the market, let alone of this quality and with the track records of these ewes. Prices start at £4,500 per ewe.  Please contact us by phone or email to discuss pedigrees, etc.

Valais Blacknose RARE TYPE 1 ARR/ARR GENOTYPE Ewe Lamb "Cornerstone Halo". Price £5,000

"Cornerstone Halo" is the rarest Type 1 ARR/ARR genotype and is a perfectly marked, absolute beaut of a ewe lamb. Halo would make an ideal show and breeding ewe to someone actively persuing breeding the rarer genotypes, either for domestic or export purposes.

Born on April Fool's Day 2020, Halo is just weaned and ready to go to her new home now.

Valais Blacknose RARE TYPE 1 ARR/ARR GENOTYPE Ram Lamb "Cornerstone High Five". Price £3,500 *SOLD*

"Cornerstone High Five" is the rarest Type 1 ARR/ARR genotype and is a cracker of a ram lamb with really fab quality fleece and very dark markings.  He would make an ideal breeding ram to someone striving to achieve rarer genotypes in their flock.

Born in March 2020, High Five is just weaned and ready to go to his new home now.

"Alpine Eureka" PROVEN SUPER-RARE TYPE 1 ARR/ARR GENOTYPE WITH 100% SWISS PEDIGREE Valais Blacknose Ram. Price £6,000 *SOLD*

There's rare, and then there's Eureka-rare....We don't know of another Type 1 (ARR/ARR) Valais Blacknose Ram with a 100% Swiss pedigree to have been available for sale in the UK market so this is a genuinely rare opportunity for someone looking to move into producing rarer genotype Valais Blacknose sheep.  Using a Type 1 ram with a Type 3 ewe guarantees you Type 2 lambs, or with a Type 2 ewe, either Type 1 or Type 2 lambs.

Highly effective ram who produces top quality, perfectly marked lambs, including a number of award-winners.  Won't be available for long! 

"Braveheart" PROVEN Show Quality Valais Blacknose Ram. Price £3,250 *SOLD*

Rare opportunity to buy a 4 year old proven, award-winning Valais Blacknose Ram.  Braveheart is class, his fleece is beautiful, his horns ideal and he is perfectly marked.  He passes these qualities on to his offspring which have been fantastic show quality Valais Blacknose lambs.

His pedigree registration number is VBN0729 and he has exceptional lines in his pedigree with both Eros and King Kong - two of the most legendary Valais Blacknose rams in the UK.

"Gemstones Remus" PROVEN Award-winning Valais Blacknose Ram with RARE GENETICS. Price £3,250 *SOLD*

Remus won 1st place in his Longwool class and is many people’s favourite ram in our flock in terms of his quality and nature – a true gentle giant.  He was part of our very first foundation flock of Valais Blacknose sheep back in 2016 and it is a very sad sale.

Remus' pedigree registration number is VBN0656.has sired 33 registered lambs since 2017 and has an astonishing track record of producing fantastically marked offspring – see New Forest Hurricane, featured below.  Rare genetics make this Ram a sought-after option for someone wanting to bring quality into their flock, and avoid the all too prevalent common bloodlines in the UK market.  

RARE TYPE 2 ARR/ARQ GENOTYPE "Goldie's Empire" PROVEN Show Quality Valais Blacknose Ram. Price £3,750 *SOLD*

We have a wonderful gent of a Ram available for sale.  He's a particularly gentle, sweet-natured boy with perfect markings and - best of all - he is certified a rare Type 2 ARR/ARQ Genotype.  His pedigree registration number is VBN1741 and he will come with his genotype certificate.  Empire has produced some beautiful lambs but is ready for pastures new with some lovely ladies as his bloodlines are too close to our other rams.

Valais Blacknose RARE TYPE 2 ARR/ARQ GENOTYPE Ram Lamb "New Forest Hurricane". Price £2,500 *SOLD*

"New Forest Hurricane" is a rare Type 2 genotype and is a perfectly marked breeding & show quality ram lamb whose pedigree registration number is VBN3232.  His father, Remus, is an award-winning Ram, having won 1st place in large Longwool breed classes and this little guy is showing a lot of promise already - we'd love to see him go on to be shown by his new owner.

Hurricane will be ready to go to his new home in May, once weaned.

SUPER-RARE TYPE 1 ARR/ARR GENOTYPE Breeding Age Ewe "Alpine Dat's Nice" Been Running with Type 1 Tup "Highland Ferocious". Price £9,000 *SOLD*

We have a unique opportunity to purchase the rarest genotype breeding age ewe - these so rarely, if ever, come on to the open market so this opportunity is not to be missed by the discerning buyer looking to specialise in the rarer genotypes.  What's more, Dat's Nice has achieved the rarest genotype whilst retaining a 100% Swiss pedigree (so much of what is Type 1 in the UK has non-Swiss lines).  Dat's Nice is just four years old and has had a number of top quality Type 1 offspring.  She is being sold having run with Type 1 Ram Highland Ferocious since January so should be expecting Type 1 lamb(s) in Spring.  

Dat's nice has successfully flushed quality embryos which have been sold to New Zealand.

Pair of Valais Blacknose Pet Wether Lambs: Valentine & Hippo. Price £1,500 for the pair *SOLD*

We have this beautiful pair of pet wether lambs for sale.  Wethers make perfect pets, especially these two who are bottle-fed lambs so even friendlier than a normal Valais Blacknose, they follow you around like puppies :-)

Valentine is so-called as he was born on Valentine's Day and Hippo was born on 1st March.  Both could go to their new homes in early-mid April if their new owner was keen to continue bottle-feeding the pair.

"Flapjack" & "Finley" - Best Buddies!  Fantastic Quality, Registered Friendly Pet Wethers. Price £1,500 for the Pair *SOLD*

We have this beautiful pair of pedigree registered pet Valais Blacknose wethers available for sale!  This is the perfect opportunity for someone looking to enjoy this beautiful breed, without the expense of buying breeding stock. 
Flapjack & Finley were both born in February 2018 and are perfectly marked, lovely examples of the breed - in fact, it's a shame they were castrated as they would have been breeding quality! Very friendly, they would make perfect pet lawnmowers for their lucky new owner. £1,500 for the pair and they must go together as they are best buddies.

RARE TYPE 2 ARR/ARQ GENOTYPE "New Forest George" Valais Blacknose Breeding Quality Ram Lamb - ready to go now. Price £2,500 *SOLD*

Rare opportunity to buy a top breeding & show quality Ram lamb with a rare Group 2 Genotype (ARR/ARQ).  "New Forest George", registration number VBN2746, is perfectly marked with an excellent pedigree, including legendary breeding lines such as "King Kong".

He has a fantastic quality fleece, lovely thick woolly legs and great confirmation. He would make an ideal show and breeding tup, either within an existing flock of Valais Blacknose sheep, and/or to cross with other breeds. Thanks to his rare genotype he could also provide an income for his owner in exporting his semen.

SUPER RARE TYPE 1 ARR/ARR GENOTYPE "New Forest Guinness" Valais Blacknose Breeding Quality Ram Lamb - ready to go now. Price £4,000 *SOLD*

Rare opportunity to buy a top breeding & show quality ARR/ARR Type 1 genotype Ram lamb, registration number VBN2749.  ARR/ARR is the rarest genotype and still extremely rare in this breed.  Guinness will go on to have rare Genotype offspring so is a sound addition to increasing the value of a Valais Blacknose flock. 

Born in May 2019, he has only just come available for sale and will be ready to work soon.  

AWARD WINNING "New Forest Francis" Valais Blacknose Breeding Quality Ram Lamb - ready to go now. Price £2,500 *SOLD*

"New Forest Franicis", registration number VBN2036, is perfectly marked and extremely friendly.  He is from great breeding lines, including the legendary Prendwick Eros, King Kong and Alpine Rambo!  He exudes class...which was proven by his taking 5th place in two classes at the New Forest Show this Summer: Wool on the Hoof and Hill, Heath & Primitive Shearling classes.  He has a particularly fantastic quality fleece, lovely thick woolly legs and great confirmation. He would make an ideal show and breeding tup for an existing flock of Valais Blacknose sheep, and/or to cross with other breeds... 

"New Forest Gracie" and "New Forest Gwendolin" Ewe lambs. BOTH ARE RARE TYPE 2 GENOTYPES.  Price £3,500 each *SOLD*

Gracie and Gwendolin were both born on the same day - 3rd February 2019 - and both carry a rare genotype: Type 2 so they are that bit extra-special! They are both perfectly marked Ewe lambs making them ideal potential show sheep.  

Only available for sale, as the customers on our waiting list for ewe lambs already have related Rams, so this is a rare opportunity to buy New Forest premium stock without a wait - not to be missed! 

"Alpine Rambo Import" 5 year old Switzerland born Breeding Ram. RARE TYPE 2 GENOTYPE. Price £3,500 *SOLD*

We have a very rare opportunity to buy one of the original Swiss imported Valais Blacknose Rams.  Born in 2013 and in his prime, the almighty Rambo deserves his legendary status, having sired some absolutely cracking offspring, both in the UK and in New Zealand.  He also carries Scrapie resistance, being a rare Type 2 (ARR/ARQ) Genotype.

Rambo has the most awesome set of horns we've ever seen on a Valais Ram and is perfectly marked.  Confirmed fertile by vets, he is ready to join a new flock as an experienced breeding Ram.

"Goldie's Festival" 1 year old  Breeding Ram. RARE TYPE 2 GENOTYPE. Price £3,250 *SOLD*

Festival is a certified Type 2 Genotype Ram, with fantastic genetics including Highland lines.  He is perfectly marked and would be ideal for showing and for a breeder looking to breed rarer genotypes into their flock.

"Alpine Cheri" Pet 3 year old Ewe. Price only £1,000 *SOLD*

Alpine Cheri is a really fantastic quality pedigree registered Valais Blacknose Ewe, bred from original Swiss imports in 2015.  She carries a beautiful fleece with great staple length and brightness, has good hooves and is an all round healthy Ewe.  She is friendly, happily comes to the bucket and is easily managed, typical of the Valais Blacknose breed.

However, she has never taken when put to the tup, so we suspect she may be barren.  Therefore, we are selling her as a pet sheep - price reflects that - although buyer may have luck in being able to breed her?

"New Forest Figgy Pudding" Valais Blacknose Breeding Quality Ram Lamb - ready to go now.  RARE TYPE 2 GENOTYPE. Price £3,500 *SOLD*

Figgy Pudding is a quality breeding Ram lamb with fantastic genetics - he is the grandson of the almighty King Kong (the most valuable Ram ever sold in the UK) and his sire is a super rare Type 1 Ram of Swiss heritage.  He also carries Scrapie resistance, being a certified rare Type 2 (ARR/ARQ) Genotype. If your looking for a quality tup to breed in rare genotypes into your flock, this is your guy! He's beautifully natured to boot...what's not to love! 

"Elliott" 2 year old Proven Breeding Ram. Price £3,000 *SOLD*

Elliott is in his prime at 2 years old and is proven, having sired quality offspring.  He has a particularly fantastic quality fleece which should be shown.  He has a lovely nature and would make an ideal addition to either an existing Valais Blacknose flock or to cross with other breeds to create interesting crosses.

"New Forest Bobby & Billy" Valais Blacknose Pet Lamb Pair - ready to go in October. Price £1,500 for the pair *SOLD*

Bobby & Billy make a very sweet pair of pet wether lambs. Can be split and sold individually £1,00 each or £1,500 the pair.  Very friendly boys, will make perfect pet lawnmowers for someone wanting the look of the Valais Blacknose without wanting to breed.

"New Forest Floyd & FlowerValais Blacknose Breeding Lamb Pair - ready to go in October. Price £5,000 for the pair *SOLD*

We have just one perfectly marked breeding pair of unrelated registered Valais Blacknose lambs available.  Both are bred from different award-winning Rams, and Flower from a rare Type 2 Genotype Ram, so her new owner should Genotype test her to see if she has inherited the more valuable Genotype.

Could be separated and sold for £3,000 each or £5,000 the pair.

"New Forest Edward, Elton & Fudge" Valais Blacknose Pet Lamb Trio - ready to go now. Price £2,250 for the group *SOLD*

These three pet (wether) lambs are absolutely gorgeous, very friendly and will make perfect lawnmowers to a very lucky owner!  

"New Forest Estella & Ella" Valais Blacknose Breeding Quality Ewe Lamb TWINS - ready to go mid December. Price £3,000 each *SOLD*

We'd love these twins to go to a home together.  They are lovely healthy girls, full of mischief!  Ella in particular is extremely attached to people and follows us around the field wherever we go! 

"New Forest Ebony" Valais Blacknose Breeding Quality Ewe Lamb - ready to go in December. Price £3,000 *SOLD*

Ebony is a cracking little ewe lamb, very friendly and could be an ideal show sheep if desired.

"New Forest Elliot" Valais Blacknose Breeding Quality Ram Lamb - ready to go now. Price £3,000 *SOLD*

Elliot is a real sweetie; very gentle and affectionate, would make a perfect pet and/or a breeding ram, either with Valais Blacknose ewes or to create Valais Blacknose crosses.

"New Forest Ethan" Award Winning Valais Blacknose Breeding Quality Ram Lamb - ready to go now. Price £3,000 *SOLD*

Ethan won multiple awards at the New Forest Show, Ellingham & Ringwood Show and Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show.  He is a superb Ram lamb with perfect markings - would make an ideal addition to a flock of females.

"New Forest Eva" Valais Blacknose Breeding Quality Ewe Lamb - ready to go in December. Price £3,000 *SOLD*

Eva is a perfectly marked ewe lamb, pictured here with her beautiful Mum & Aunt! We think Eva would make a superb show sheep - her confirmation is spot on... 

"New Forest Edith" Valais Blacknose Breeding Quality Ewe Lamb - ready to go now. Price £3,000 *SOLD*

"New Forest Earl" Award Winning Valais Blacknose Breeding Quality Ram Lamb - ready to go now. Price £3,000 *SOLD*

Earl won multiple awards at the New Forest Show, Ellingham & Ringwood Show and Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show.  He is a chunky Ram lamb with perfect markings and particularly fine wool (he won an award in a mixed breed 'wool on the hoof' class at the Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show).  He would make an ideal addition to a flock of females.

"New Forest Errol" Valais Blacknose Pet Lamb (Wether). Price £1,000 *SOLD*

Twins "New Forest Effie" & "New Forest Elvis" Valais Blacknose Breeding Quality Ewe & Ram Lambs - ready to go now. Price £3,000 each  *Both SOLD*


"New Forest Ernie" Valais Blacknose Breeding Quality Ram Lamb. Price £3,000 *SOLD*

"New Forest Ethel" Valais Blacknose Breeding Quality Ewe Lamb. Price £3,000 *SOLD*

"New Forest Erin" Valais Blacknose Ewe Lamb. Price £2,300 *SOLD*

"New Forest Enzo" Castrated Valais Blacknose Ram Lamb (wether).  Price £1,000 *SOLD*

"New Forest Barry" Valais Blacknose Ram Lamb - as seen on TV! Price £3,000 *SOLD*

"New Forest Ezra" Valais Blacknose Ram Lamb. Price £3,000 *SOLD*


Adopt a Valais Blacknose Sheep

Alternatively, if you’re unable to buy a Valais Blacknose sheep at the moment, why not adopt one*? Valais Blacknose lamb adoptions also make great gifts, as you’ll receive your own personalised adoption pack, telling you all about your lamb, along with regular updates, surprises and photos throughout the year. You'll also receive little felted Valais Blacknose sheep at the start of your adoption!

Visit our Valais Blacknose Store to find more information and to make an adoption.

Alternatively, you can always buy one of our felted Valais Blacknose sheep or lambs from our Valais Blacknose Store!

*Adopted sheep remain the property of New Forest Valais Blacknose – the adopter does not own the sheep.