About us

New Forest Valais Blacknose, as seen on TV, consists of two animal-loving friends, Abby and Emma. Having both kept many breeds of sheep (not to mention all sorts of other animals!) over the years, when we first heard about and then met the Valais Blacknose sheep we knew we had to have some!


After carefully selecting our foundation flock back in 2016, made up of some of the very first original imports from Switzerland to the UK in 2014 and featured on BBC's Countryfile, together with some younger stock, the first flock of Valais Blacknose sheep arrived and settled in the beautiful New Forest, Hampshire! Meet some of our Valais Blacknose flock!

Given the breed’s rarity and being newly introduced to the UK, we were keen to get involved in carefully breeding our own flock, preferring to use natural reproduction as opposed to Embryo Transfer methods for the UK market (you can read more about why we feel natural reproduction vs. Embryo Transfer is important). As with any rare breed, and especially since there are so few in the UK, it’s paramount that bloodlines are maintained and not too closely crossed to ensure the health of the sheep is maintained as well as the breed standard.

As committee members of the UK Valais Blacknose Sheep Society, all our stock is purebred and registered.  Our stock winning awards at country shows against popular native breeds is testament to the quality of our stock.


We have a wide range of Valais Blacknose semen available at 1/2 the usual price for a limited period, including from Type 1, 2 & 3 genotype rams as well as rare bloodlines. Contact us for a list of what's available! 

Our Sheep Star in Channel 5's The Wonderful World of Baby Animals 


Tune in to follow the journey of twins Boudica, a perfectly marked Valais Blacknose ewe lamb, and her brother, a super-rare spitti lamb called New Forest Fosco, or "Fozzy" for short.  

Caught on camera just minutes after birth, their journey is unfortunately not straightforward - but is there a happy ending? 

Catch up on today's and future episodes here: https://www.my5.tv/wonderful-world-of-baby-animals/season-1/wonderful-world-of-baby-animals-ae579c9a-f39e-472f-8c06-9ef45921bef3

New Forest Valais Blacknose's Barry the Lamb stars on TV!

Seems that - like us - Barry's fans just can't get enough!  After featuring in The Metro and The Express earlier this week, ITV picked up on our rejected lamb, Barry and were keen to cover the story.  Read their article here and keep an eye out for him on TV!

New Forest Valais Blacknose in this month's Hampshire Life magazine

We are delighted to be featured in the March edition of Hampshire Life! The 4-page article explores why we got into breeding Valais Blacknose sheep, what we particularly love about the breed, as well as our success showing our sheep. You can download your copy online here.