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New Forest Valais Blacknose at the New Forest Show!

We were extremely excited about our first show with our NFVBN lambs this year.  Maud and Winnie were washed and pampered the day before, ready for their debut.  Far from being scared of the process, they were their usual docile selves, seemingly enjoying the shampoo & blow dry...!  Oh, if only our dogs were as easy to clean!!   Our lambs were the only VBNs at the show and caused quite a stir, with many people crowding around our pen having never seen the breed before.  The girls were incredibly well behaved and enjoyed meeting lots of new people and sheep of all shapes and sizes during the day.   They performed really well in the ring during their two classes,...

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Congratulations, you are expecting twins!

It’s always an exciting day on the Farm at New Forest Valais Blacknose when our vet visits to scan our pregnant Valais Blacknose Ewes. A number of our Ewes had be running with a stunning Valais Blacknose Ram over the late Spring and the markings on their backs indicated that nature had taken its course. Success rates can still vary, so we were delighted that the initial scans indicated we are expecting 16 Lambs – maybe more, some were too early to say – in October/November.  The scan above shows twins and you can clearly make out the backbone and ribs of one of them on the left. The Valais Blacknose Ewes look in full bloom, their winter fleece is...

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Maud the Valais Blacknose lamb’s first time on a lead!

Here's one of our lovely Valais Blacknose lamb's first time on the lead - isn't she doing well!  We generally find the lambs are fairly easy to lead-train with practice and patience....and a few sheep nuts of course.....! :-)

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