We have our first SUPER-RARE Valais Blacknose Spitti Lamb born!

A rare phenomenon when breeding Valais Blacknose sheep is that once in a blue moon (well, once in over 150 lambs, to be more exact...) you get what's called a 'Spitti' lamb, which is a purebred Valais Blacknose sheep, but with mostly black instead of white wool.  Some are almost entirely black and others, like our lamb, have attractive random splodges of black all over, a bit like a Jacob sheep.

Not only is he a Spitti lamb, he's also a rare Type 2 genotype (ARR/ARQ) which refers to his resistance to Scrapie. So this makes him SUPER-RARE! 

We have named our special Spitti lamb "New Forest Fosco" which means 'dark'.  Spittis can go on to breed perfectly marked offspring, rather than going on to breed more Spittis - hence why the phenomenon remains so rare... 

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  • Pat.

    We’re trying to sell our business and retire, to look after our bee hives(40) and to have Calais black nose sheap, so I love looking at the sheep. New forest roscoe is beautiful I hope he does really well

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