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New Forest Valais Blacknose Featured in NFU Countryside Magazine's December 2017 edition!

We are absolutely delighted to be featured with some of our Valais Blacknose lambs in the December edition of the NFU Countryside magazine, out this month!  The article outlines some of the unusual characteristics of this rare and special breed, as well as the efforts we go to in order to champion the breed and ensure the bloodlines are not crossed too closely to ensure the health of the breed. You can read your copy of the magazine online here.

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Welcome to the flock.....Angora Goat kids!

They may look similar to Valais Blacknose sheep, but these are in fact a couple of (very cute) Angora Goat kids!  They too need shearing twice a year and produce the lustrous fibre mohair which we intend to blend with our sheep wool to make it more luxurious.   The kids, both males, have settled in extremely well - we don't think any of the Valais Blacknose flock have cottoned on to the fact they're any different....!  We send off our wool to be spun shortly and it will be for sale on our website so watch this space all you knitting fans!

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When we look back over the showing season we are fiercely proud of the achievements from our three Valais Blacknose lambs we picked to show – Remus, Winnie and Maud collected multiple awards both individually and as a group. The question and comments we were most frequently asked (well….apart from, what are they? Were they on Countryfile? Do you have any for sale? Can I take a photo?), was regarding their fleece. No surprises really, it is a defining feature of any longwool breed and the Valais Blacknose Sheep and strikingly beautiful to the eye of sheep novices and sheep veterans alike. Of course, it is a fleece perfectly suited to the conditions in the Valais region of Switzerland from...

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